Cervical Cancer : Awareness about Cervical Cancer required in India

Cervical Cancer problem is drastically increasing among women in India.Cervical Cancer death toll has been increases to 530,000 all over the world including India that consists of 134,000 fatalities every year .

The medical Director of Quest Diagnostics in Connecticut,Neena Singh said in an interview ahead of International Women Day on 8th of March that Indian women at the moment areĀ  suffering from the most common type of cancer:The Cervical Cancer.

She further says that women above the age of 15 are more likely to be effected by the disease and needs an increasing awareness of pre-cancer screening to help to bring the number down immediately.

Women need to undergo screening tests,and that could be made possible through various awareness programs like through popular television soaps or with the help of other media events.

The most common symptoms of Cervical Cancer are Painful intercourse,abnormal vaginal bleeding or bloody discharge from vagina.

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