Chewing, Snuffing, Smoking: Tobacco and its Hazards

Despite knowing how hazardous tobacco can be still people do not refrain themselves from taking tobacco. Their are three forms in which tobacco is taken either its Chewing, Snuffing, or Smoking. The presence of nicotine in tobacco is very addictive and lethal for humans to consume.

Tobacco Just Isn't Cool

Effects for Tobacco

Decreased Life

Many after snuffing tobacco say’s “THIS IS LIFE” but in reality tobacco consumption decreases the life expectancy upto 15 years, both in men and women.

“In the United States alone, tobacco kills the equivalent of three jumbo jets full of people crashing every day, with no survivors, 365 days of the year.” -ABC’s Peter Jennings. On a worldwide basis, it’s 1 jumbo jet per hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

-World Health Organization (WHO)


“Ahhh i know it causes cancer” everybody knows it….but despite knowing who refrains from tobacco ?  “All slaves”…!!! Cancer is the primary risk involved with taking tobacco. Lung Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Breast Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Esophagus Cancer….name it and its their..tobacco can cause almost any type of cancer.

Heart Risk

Inhalation of tobacco smoke causes several immediate responses within the heart and blood vessels. Within one minute heart rate rises, increasing by 30 percent during the first 10 minutes of smoking. Carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke exerts its negative effects by reducing the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. Several ingredients of tobacco narrow down the blood vessels, increasing the  possibility of a blockage, and thus a heart attack or stroke.


Want your family tree to grow ? Then say no to tobacco. In a study on men between the age group of 24 – 36 are most of them are taking treatment for impotency, as tobacco consumption especially in form of smoking has adverse effect on sperms and also affected sexual behavior of men.

Female Infertility

Smoking damages ovaries of women Nicotine and other harmful chemicals in cigarettes interfere with the body’s ability to create estrogen. Smoking reduces the chances of IVF producing a live birth by 34% and increases the risk of an IVF pregnancy miscarrying by 30%


Despite of giving relief and refreshing the mood which is the common notion of tobacco addicts, it increases the stress levels of individual.

Bad Breath

Nothing is as embarrassing as bad breath (if you do not believe, try not brushing your teeth for one day), tobacco chewing and smoking causes foul breath, often leading to embarrassment in social circles and smoker often searching for mint to refresh their breath.

Tooth Decay

Chewing tobacco often leads  tooth decay and erosion also.

Its an urge to the people who take tobacco, you are a son or daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife, father or mother, friend of someone. To the people whom you values, refrain from Tobacco, Say no to Tobacco, and Breathe Life.

Health Veda will soon bring another article on Getting Rid of Tobacco Addiction




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  1. Say no to tobacco and yes to your lifes .Because life is god’s gift to us use this gift carefully and don’t made god sad by your habits…………………………..

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