Sleep Disorder: Poor sleep may cause impotence and incontinence

Recent studies has shown that sleeping problems could lead to many other worst situations such as erectile dysfunction and urological conditions like incontinence.The study has been done including 870 men with average age of 47.3 and have an average body mass of 30.2,which is considered to be obese.

The first study that was done,shows the relationship between Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA) and erectile dysfunction.OSA is something that occurs during sleep,in which usually person’s airway temporarily collapses causing them to stop breathing. Research shows that 63% of the men had OSA and 5.6% were suffering from diabetes and 29% men had smoking habits.

Again,one more study was done and found that sleep problems do precede urological conditions such as urinary incontinence and need to get up during late night to urinate.

The scientistsĀ  closely examined and found that people who have short sleepĀ  especially in men and restless sleep among men and women both the conditions are very strongly associated with the lower urinary tract symptoms.

American Urological Association’s(AUA) spokesperson Dr.Kevin T.Mcvary says “We know that the proper amount of sleep and quality of sleep can impact a wide range of health conditions, including erectile function and lower urinary tract symptoms.”


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