Common Cold and Flu:Remedies found in home

Cold and flu is very common to all human beings. Antiviral drugs are used  to prevent the flu duration.Some medicines can also be given for temporary relief.Here are some natural approach  to cure the problem.

Blow your noise-often and right way-

It is very necessary to blow your nose every time rather than sniffing the mucus back into your nose.The best way to do the activity is to press a finger over one nostril while you blow the other one.

Stay Rested-

When you give sufficient rest to your actually directs your body energy towards fighting the immune system.So,take rest as much as you can.


Gargling moisten your sore throat.Add a teaspoon of salt to warm water and gargle 4 times a day.Gargling brings temporary relief to your throat a lot.

Drink hot liquids-

Intake of hot liquids can actually soothes your inflamed membranes that exists in your nose and throat.Hot liquids gives relief to the nasal congestion and prevents dehydration.

Use salve/balm-

A small quantity of salve around your nose can help opening your breathing passages and soothes your skin at the base of your nose.

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