Frequent stress or weakness leads to inflammatory diseases

Are you in a habit of getting angry frequently? If yes this could be a health hazard for you,People who get worried or furious easily are more inclined to inflammatory diseases,said a recent research.

Very often some peopleĀ  experience high level of stress and weakness due to which they have to face chronic health problems mainly inflammatory diseases.

Diseases like cardiovascular ailments affects people who get angry frequently and don’t have any control upon their emotions.Any activity done by you has a direct effect in your body .Measures should be taken to control the level of stress and weakness in the body which is the prime cause getting angry easily.

When some stressful work is done by most of the people some shows increase in their heart rate and blood pressure while others shows increase in a circulating marker of inflammation known asĀ  interleukin-6.

Actually in the process of inflammation our body’s white cells protect us from any type of infections and foreign substances such ass bacteria and viruses.

People who are in a habit of getting stressful or angry when performing minor tasks of their life are apt to increased inflammation in their body and over a period of time these people suffer from the problems of inflammatory diseases than others,mainly cardiovascular diseases.

Such emotionally-reactive people must maintain control over their emotions and need to pump their heart to stay away from various health hazards.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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