Common symptoms of Anemia in women

The symptoms of anemia differ according to the type of anemia-its causes and the associated health problems.Anemia is the  most common diseases in women.It is caused due to the drop in healthy blood cells in the body.The drop of red blood cells occur due to low level of haemoglobin that transports the oxygen from lungs to the rest of the body.

anemia in women

According to the study of Women’s Health Organisation about 100 million women all over the world suffers from anemia.The deficiency of iron is especially found in women who are going through the different stages of pregnancy.

One of the common symptom of anemia in women is fatigue.Women suffering from anemia easily get tired and weak.The energy level decreases and the women feels exhausted easily.Light-headedness and dizziness are another symptom experienced by the person suffering from anemia.

Common symptoms of anemia in women:

The symptoms of anemia in women are different from that in men.The symptoms vary according to the complexity and the associated condition.

Symptoms of Anemia due to vitamin deficiency:

1)Reduced appetite.


3)Sore tongue.

4)Craving for food such as ice,hair,grass,paper etc.

Symptoms of anemia due to iron:

1)Excessive weakness.

2)Breath shortness.

3)Irregular heartbeat.



6)Lack of concentration.

symptoms of anemia in women
Anemia symptoms

Symptoms of sickle cell anemia:


2)Infections that occur frequently.

3)Problem of vision.

4)Chest pain.

5)Inflammation of joints and swollen hands and feet.

Symptoms of hemolytic anemia:

1)Development of ulcer in leg.

2)Abdomen pain.

3)Irregular heart rate.

4)Frequent mood change.

Symptoms of Aplastic anemia:

1)Bleeding in nose.

2)Bleeding in gums.

3)Difficulty in concentration.

4)feeling of irritation.

5)Blood clotting.

It is better you call your doctor if you notice symptoms such as shortness of breath,increased and rapid heart rate,pale skin,weakness in the body.Generally the anemia is caused due to poor or inadequate intake of food consisting of necessary vitamins and minerals.

If there is a  hereditary anemia in your family then the chances of your developing the disease increases and you should consult your doctor before having child.Your doctor may advise you necessary supplements before conceptions which is beneficial for both mother and child.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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