Excessive yawning causes and treatment

Yawning is a natural function of the body which is caused by either fatigue or boredom.Yawning is the process in which the person opens his/her mouth to take long deep breathe.Excessive yawning is in which the person yawns more than it would expected.Excessive yawning is generally caused by vasovagal reaction.The reaction happens due to the action of vagus nerve on the blood vessels.

Excessive yawning is the sign of heart problem.Also, yawning can occur when you see someone else yawning in front of you.

Causes of excessive yawning:

1)Excessive yawning may occur due to dizziness,irregular pulsation of heart or nausea.

2)Encephalitis, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis are the diseases which lowers the heart rate as well as blood pressure causes excessive yawning.

3)The decrease in the level of oxygen in the body causes the person to yawn again and again.Yawning supply more oxygen into the lungs and promotes the blood flow.

4)Sometimes there are few chemicals in the brain which effect the emotional balance of the person and causes yawning.

5) Certain drinks and foods are also responsible for excessive yawning such as coffee which is taken as energy booster when taken in too much quantitiy can cause yawning and fatigue. Similarly foods which have high content of sugar can have the same effect.

6)Various allergies or hay fever which causes breathing problems and interrupts the sleep can cause excessive yawning. Anaemia(caused due to lack of iron in the body) makes the person fatigue, and tired and hence results in more yawning.

7)Thyroid can also be the cause for excessive yawning as the person feels extreme tiredness,fatigue and yawning.

Treatment for excessive yawning:

1)Yawning is the sign of sleepiness, one way to avoid it is to drink a glass of water.The adequate amount of water supply to the body refreshes all the systems and reduce fatigue.

2)As yawning can be the sign of shortage of oxygen in the lungs,outdoor walk can be helpful to increase the flow of oxygen to the body and to the brain.

3)Stress and depression can be wearisome.Therefore, try to sleep well and breathe in right manner to ensure better supply of oxygen into the lungs.

If the symptoms still persist it is better to consult your doctor  so that he could diagnose you well and recommend you the proper medication, if needed.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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  1. i am 29 years old person. since last 2.5 years, i have been suffering from excessive yawning alongwith heaviness in the head and eyes. i have been suffering from ache in the last portion of the head.

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