Continues abortions means invitation to Cancer

From past few years India has shown an increment in the cases of abortion. Especially medicines are playing a  main roll in abortions. Increase in abortions is the thing to worry about because where one side it has become easy to abort the pregnancy on the other side it is effecting adversely inside the body.

Abortion and cancer
Abortion and cancer

One of the adverse effect of increasing abortions is the increment in cancer problems. Abortion effects the body in two ways, some side effects are easily visible in the body but some infections are known in the later stages of life. Symptoms like Stomach ache or bleeding are easily felt but cancer gradually effects females in the later stage of life.Those women who do not conceive a child in a proper age are in 50 % danger of getting breast or ovarian cancer.

Side effects of Abortions

  • Stomach ache, vomiting, spotting or bleeding.
  • It has been observed that after abortions many women becomes the victims of depression.
  • 50 % danger of getting breast cancer in those who do not conceive a child in proper age.
  • First abortion increases the risk of cervical cancer in women and when it is done more than 1 time the danger of cancer increases to 4 times.
  • Those females who are up to regular abortions are in a danger to conceive disabled child.
Abortion pills
Abortion pills

Things to be kept in mind before taking abortion pills

  1. It is not 100% sure that the pills will work, go for a checkup after 2 weak.
  2. If you are a diabetes, asthma or a heart patient then do not take abortion pills.
  3. If abortion is not done correctly the the danger of infection increases.
  4. Once the fallopian tubes get infected then it is possibilities that the patient will be unable to conceive a child in her life.
Breast cancer
Breast cancer

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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