Health benefits of eating Salads

Half of the battle is won if the color of your menu is perfect. It is said that firstly the food is approved by the eyes and then by the taste glands. What would be better that Salads when talking about the color and taste? eating good amount of salads regularly makes you fresh and full of energy. What are the benefits of salad and how it can be made more appealing check it out.

Health benefit of salad
Health benefit of salad

Types of Salads:

You can add different types of salad in your menu according to the taste and preference and keeping in view the nutritive values. It is not compulsory to always have tomatoes and cucumber in salad, there is lot more store if talking about salads.

  • Green Salad– It is also called garden salad. It mainly consist of green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, cucumber or green chili etc. Green salad is a good source of vitamin B. It is reduces tiredness and is very delicious to eat.
  • Vegetable Salad– Apart from green color when other colors like tomato, mushroom, onion, carrot or radish are used in a salad then it is known as vegetable salad. Sometimes eggs and cheese is also added to vegetable salad.
  • Main coarse Salad- Main coarse salad is also known as dinner salad. This contains fried or grilled chicken or sea food. According to the taste vegetable dressing is added to this salad.
  • Desert Salad- In desert salad vegetables are not used. Different types of dry fruits are present in this type of salad. Dressing is done with strawberry. If you are a sugar lover then you can order for this desert salad.

Health benefits of salad:

Benefits of salads
Benefits of salads
  1. Full of fiber- Women needs 25 grams and men 38 grams of fiber per day. Salads are one of the best source of fiber. If help in controlling the cholesterol level and digestion system of the body. Food rich in fiber is also reduces heart as well as cancer problems.
  2. Eating fruits and vegetables in their natural form- Salad is very important for healthy living. It contains nutritive value which keeps the increases the blood circulation. Green salad is one of the best option to eat.
  3. Reduces the quantity of calories- By eating regular salad you eliminate high calorie intake which results is weight control and eliminate problems like obesity and weight gain. It is advised that instead of eating junk food one should opt for healthy salads.
  4. Increase the life span– It is found that those whop regularly eat salads tends to live longer as green vegetables contains many antioxidants which helps in eliminating various diseases and makes the person healthy.


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