Cough Cure: Antibiotics for cough may have adverse effects

A recent study done in Cardiff University revealed that the antibiotics prescribed for acute cough with discolored phlegm do not have much effect in curing the symptoms.

The research showed that patients who are suffering from acute with discolored phlegm are prescribed antibiotics, which do not results in quick recovery rather it exposes the patient to further side effects.

Mr.Butler who led the study says “One of the exciting things about this research is that our findings from this large, multi-country observational study resonate with findings from randomized trial where benefit from antibiotic treatment in those producing discolored phlegm has been found to be marginal at best or non-existent.Our findings add weight to theĀ  message that acute cough in otherwise well adults is a self limiting condition and antibiotic treatment does not speed recovery to any meaningful extent. In fact antibiotics describing in this situation simple unnecessarily exposes people to side effects from antibiotics,undermines future self care, and drives up antibiotic resistance.”

Acute cough can be caused due to change in season in normal cases or it could be due to mechanical irritation such as dust,dandruff,smoke,pollen animal allergies, chemical irritations such as Chloramines, Allergic sinusitis ,allergic rhinitis or pertussis (whooping cough).


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