Its all in your mind:women are more inclined to emotional relationship than men

According to a latest research A feeling of repentance or disappointment is more in women compared to men in a  unsuccessful love relation.

The northwestern university of management found that about 30% women regret for the failure of their love relationship where as the percentage of men in this regard is only 15%.

When asked about their abortive love relation many women said that they wish if they have chosen a different life partner then they will be happier in present where as men commented totally opposite in this case.

In contrary to this when  the unfortunate career related question were asked from men it was observed that 40 percent men felt that they must have chosen a different career for them where as the percentage of women was only 20 percent in this case.

The researches concluded that women are more tend towards holding the emotional relationship such as love relations.They mostly do not care about anything if they are in love with someone.Where as most of the men do not care about this emotional side and barely walk away from these situation to next one and do not have grief of anything happened.

Yet the study reinforces the notion that women bewail abortive relationship and consider it on their failures where as men tends to readily move on directly away without even looking behind.Almost twice as many women compared to men wish if they had married someone else.

Bad relationship undoubtedly affect women rather than men that is why women regret more than men in their broken relation and even they blame themselves for it.Women tend to find answers or reasons about their broken relation and want to find mistakes.Women even try to resolve their misunderstanding  with their partners as long as possible.

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