Curd health benefits; nutritional & curative properties

A very popular and traditional food item known for its nutritional and curative properties is curd. It not only serves various medicinal properties but is used as a beauty product to. Though it contains many health benefits but it is advised not to eat curd at night or over consumption should also be avoided according to the experts.

Benefits of curd
Benefits of curd

Curd is known for its skin rich properties as it contains Vitamin B, Zinc and Calcium which are helpful for skin enhancement. It has a anti-tanning element which protects your skin from sun burn, apart from this is is one of the best body moisturizer as it reduces the problem of dry skin by adding oil to the skin.

Regular use of curd helps in reducing the acne, pimples and dark skin problems because of its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Curd is also regarded as the best hair conditioner as it makes hair healthy and strong when used regularly.

Curd health and skin benefits;

  1. It helps in improving digestion.
  2. Contains low fat and is healthy for those who have high cholesterol.
  3. Clears the skin providing glow and softness.
  4. Helpful in curing inflammatory diseases.
  5. Strengths immune system.
  6. Because of high calcium it is helpful in strengthening teeth and bones.
  7. Helpful for those who are suffering from dysentery.
  8. Cures the problem of high blood pressure.
  9. Eating sweet curd helps in gaining weight by increasing body fat.
  10. Curd is also beneficial for those who are suffering from some vaginal infections.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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