Healthy skin tips; food items & expert advise

Healthy diet is important for healthy skin. In summers skin needs extra care and protection from sun, instead of applying those chemical products check your diet and try to take healthy food items. Here is the list of nutrition rich food and their skin benefits take a look.

Healthy skin for summers
Healthy skin for summers

How to make skin healthy?

  • Tomato– It is one of the best source which reduces the problems of maggot-pimples. The redness in tomatoes are due to the lycopene which reduces the hormones responsible for acne. Many researches claim that this lycopene is also helpful in protecting body from UV-rays. Tomato increases the anti-oxidant properties in the body. Doctors suggest that one should eat tomato 3-4 times a day regularly.
  • Green tea– If you are a tea lover and takeĀ  3-4 cup tea per day then green tea is the best option for you. This is very beneficial for skin and keeps it healthy. It helps in maintaining the impaction on the skin.
Green tea
Green tea
  • Fish- According to the ‘American college of nutrition’ those who regularly consume green tea do not have problems regarding skin looseness orĀ  wrinkles.
  • Brown rice– Brown rice is the main source of ceramides. This is mainly grown in Kerala. It helps in eliminating the shortage of water from skin and maintains digestive system.

According to the experts..

  1. Try to drink as much water as you can in summers. At-least 10 glass must be consumed a day. Lack of water makes the skin dry and reduces its shine.
  2. Eat fruits rich in water, like- water-melon or cucumber. Coconut water is also good for skin.
Drink more water
Drink more water
  1. Aloe-Vera is boon to the skin. Drink it with water.
  2. Take protein rich food and eat healthy diet.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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