Cure leg pain during pregnancy

Many times during pregnancy women complaints about leg weakness, pain, heaviness and tightness. In the early months of pregnancy feet gets swollen up which is low in the morning but increases at evening hours. This problem is called Varicose veins in which blood occasionally gets stored in the veins of the legs. It creates redness and swelling in the legs.

Pregnancy leg pain
Pregnancy leg pain

Causes for leg pain

  1. Constantly sitting on a chair or remain standing for a long period.
  2. This problem also occurs in pregnant women because of genetic factors.
  3.  During pregnancy the body mass increases due to which the pressure increases on the legs. This causes the muscles of the legs to work more for supporting the weight due to which leg pain occurs frequently.
  4. Another reason is breast feeding, as the baby consumes majority of the nutrients therefore because of the lack of magnesium, calcium and potassium leg pains becomes common in women.
  5. Lack of salt in the body can also be a reason for leg weakness during pregnancy.


  • Light jogging or a daily walk is very important during pregnancy. Try to do easy leg exercises in order to keep them fit.
  • During pregnancy if you feel any of the above symptoms then without any delay consult any vascular or cardiovascular surgeon. Go for a routine checking at the interval of every two months.
  • Pregnant women must try not to suffer from any of the feet problem, because this will make them consume several medicines which can be hazardous for the baby.
Leg pain remedies
Leg pain remedies
  • Avoid standing in one position continuously for more than an hour. Do not sit with folded legs as well as avoid hard sided chairs.
  • Working pregnant women can shake their legs in between of their legs in order to avoid leg pain. Try to take a walk in between your work.
  • In winters do not use hot water for bathing and avoid sitting in the sun for a long time. Veins of the legs becomes large in size because of the heat which causes the collection of impure blood in the veins.
  • If there is a sudden swelling in the legs then immediately go to a hospital where a vascular surgeons around the clock are available.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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