Myths and truths connected to pregnancy

It is a wonderful dream for every women to be a mother and she does every possible effort for the safe and healthy development of her child. But all the steps taken during pregnancy should be right in order to decide a perfect health of the baby. Know some myths and truths connected with pregnancy from below.

Pregnancy myths and truths
Pregnancy myths and truths

Illusions and reality connected with pregnancy

  • Myth– Consuming butter reduces the problem of discomfort during labor.

Truth– It is totally a myth about pregnancy, Cheese and butter are good lubricants which helps to clear the digestion problem. But that does not mean that their overdose makes the process of delivery easy.

  • Myth–  Eating hot food items increases the case of miscarriage or premature birth.

Truth– Food items like mango, palm etc comes in the range of food which have warm effect in the body. There is rarely be any problem of miscarriage or premature delivery by consuming these items. Consuming them in balanced amount won’t cause any harm.

  • Myth–  During pregnancy the desire to eat sweet means the baby will be girl and desire for salty or spicy food means baby will be boy.

Truth– Based on the desire to eat something special is not certainly possible to say that the unborn baby is a boy or a girl. May be every time a child of same sex is born but the desire to eat is different every time. Such examples have been widely observed.

  •  Myth–  During pregnancy mother should eat two person’s diet.

Truth–  It is not correct on logical basis. After you eat to much you will have trouble. After delivery you have to put more effort in reducing weight. So it is better  to eat nutritious and balanced diet which is just 300 extra calories.

  • Myth– Due to the intake of certain food items the baby will have fair or dark complexion.

Truth– Pregnant women are encouraged to drink excessive milk in order to have a fair complexion child. Similarly food items having high concentration of iron are avoided as they are responsible for dark complexion of the bay. The result is that the women does not get the required nutrition causes problems like Anemia.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking nay medication/therapy”

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