Dairy products helps in reducing heart diseases

There is a good news for milk lovers now they can cut the risk of having any heart or blood vessels problems by drinking at least three glass of milk a day.

According to the researchers by drinking milk regularly 18percent of heart disease risk is minimized.Regular intake of milk or milk products helps in the improvement of health and fitness level in the body.The research was organized in many places including U.S.A and japan.

Actually the dairy products are one of the most healthy and nutrition giving food.They are very important for health and fulfills all the health requirements.Various nutrition like potassium,calcium,vitamins and proteins etc are available in dairy products.

A good and wholesome diet is very necessary to stay fit and dairy products fulfill this requirement of the body.They makes our body free from the infirmity of diseases.Maintained lifestyle helps in conducting day to day  activities and provides a positive energy to the body.

Not only this dairy products help in loosing extra pounds to.If you are in regular habit of consuming dairy products rich in calcium you can easily loose weight.Up to 40 %  of weight can  be reduced by the intake of calcium and this percent is very less in those who do not consume dairy products.

It was examined that there is a reduction in problems like cardiovascular diseases and cancer by 30%  in those who are engaged in the regular consumption of dairy products and shortly many other diseases can be decreased by this method.

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