Drinking limited wine promotes weight loss

There is a good news for the people who stick to soft drinks for their waistline.A new research has revealed  about the link between alcohol and obesity have been incorrect.

The research has found that though heavy drinkers are likely to put on weight but people who drink occasionally are unlikely to pile on the pounds.Wine is one of those drinks that can help in loosening weight and also lowers the risk of developing diabetes.

The paper research at Navarro University in Spain says “Light to moderate intake of alcohol especially wine may be more likely to protect against weight gain whereas consumption of spirits  has been associated with weight gain.”

The journal Nutrition Reviews states that more alcohol consumption results in weight gain, since 1 gm of alcohol consist of 7.1 calories.

People who comes under the category of moderate drinkers are at 30 percent lower risk of developing diseases like diabetes.It is also found that people who drink moderately have 16% to 25% lower risk of developing metabolism syndrome which makes them more prone to coronary artery disease or strokes.


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