Diabetes affect women; causes & prevention

Today diabetes is effecting every age group, It increases the risk of other dangerous health problems in women. Know about the health hazards effecting women due to diabetes.

Diabetes and women
Diabetes and women

Women suffering from diabetes goes through physical weakness like pain in hands or legs, shoulder pain, swelling of gums, eye weakness, deafness etc are some of the evil effects of diabetes. Some women also claims the problem of increase in weight due to diabetes. All in all it is one of a serious mater of concern especially in women and needs immediate care.

What causes diabetes?

When the pancreas gland present inside the body does not work properly or gets impaired it leads to diabetes. According to the doctors the main reason for diabetes in women now a days is the lifestyle and food habits. Moreover the increasing physical inability in women is another reason for diabetes. At times diabetes happens becauseĀ  of its genetic nature to.

Other reasons are-

Diabetes and women
Diabetes and women
  1. Untimely eating of food
  2. Junk food
  3. Over weight
  4. Uncontrolled blood pressure or cholesterol
  5. Over eating of sweets
  6. Less drinking habits
  7. No workouts or exercises
  8. Physical inactivity
  9. Immediately sleeping after dinner

Effective remedies-

If you have any symptom or doubt about diabetes immediately go for blood and urine test to get a confirmation. It is good to know about this disease in the beginning so that proper medication is available to control diabetes.

Diabetes remedy
Diabetes remedy
  1. Opt for a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Do regular exercise.
  3. Take balanced diet
  4. Stay active as far as possible.
  5. Take liquid food in good amount and drink water.
  6. Avoid alcohol, drugs or tobacco
  7. Keep your sugar level in check


“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/ therapy”





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