Diet for Summer: Best Food for Summer to Loose Weight

Summers is the season of fashion, all of us want to be in good shape to flaunt those fashionable dresses. And the secret to being in best shape is to have food that helps us in reducing weight and also make us healthy.

Here are some of the best food that are available to bring you back to shape.

Salads and Weight Loss
Salads top the list of weight loss recipes. Some of the healthy veggies one can make salads with include beets, peppers, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, bean sprouts, onion, green peas, and mushrooms. For salad dressing, try raspberry vinaigrette, low-fat yogurt, buttermilk, mayonnaise, tomato juice, olive oil, and vinegar. It is to be noted that creamy salads dressings boost one’s calorie intake, which may result in weight gain. And now get munching on the delicious salad on your platter.

Strawberries for Summer

You know what I cannot resist this summer a bowl full of strawberries. I bet no one can…!!! Pop it freely, because of it is a perfect summer snack: filling, light on calories and laden with nutrients from omega 3 fats to cancer-fighting polyphenols.  “Just half a cup of strawberries provides over 70 percent of your daily Vitamin C, plus fiber and an array of antioxidants,”

Bells the Pepper

Juicy and rich in antioxidant level, summer delight is surely bell pepper. Peppers, like zucchini, grill up beautifully for a rich, colorful side dish that fills you up on just a few calories. Rich in Vitamin C and beta-carotene. Green, Red, Yellow…Add a little color to your plate with Bell Pepper.

Beat of Beetroot

One of the natures best source of Vitamin B. It’s natures best fruit for women. Helps protect against cancer. Add it to your meal and see the difference in you weight in two weeks.

Go Green with Green Tea

Combats cancer, help prevent stroke, protects your heart, promotes weight loss, kills bacteria, need I say more to convince you to sip this delicious cup of tea with you best friend. Get Sipping… 🙂

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