Insomnia a sleep disorder: Insomnia symptoms,causes and treatment

Insomnia is a sign of  various disorders consisting of medicinal,psychiatric or sleeping disorders.Individuals report of sleeping difficulties is often defined as Insomnia.It is basically followed by functional deterioration while awake because of  absence of sleep. Actually there are different types of Insomnia the three types of it are distinctly  identified

  1. transient,
  2. acute and,
  3. chronic

Can’t sleep well throughout? If yes, you can be suffering from Insomnia. If a person feels sleepless or tired Insomnia can be effecting his health too. Here is a useful  article for you to know if you are the one or not!

There are various causes  of Insomnia these causes can be divided into different situations also.Insomnia can be for short-term or chronic.A chronic Insomnia last for more than three weeks.


  • Difficulty in falling asleep at night.
  • Difficulty in memory
  • Daytime tiredness or sleepiness irascibility.
  • Poor concentration and difficulty in paying attention.
  • Continuous trouble in mind at sleeping time.

Here are some of the causes of Insomnia:

  • Immoderate or nasty sounds.
  • Constant shift in work or work load.
  • Inconvenient room temperature
  • Miss happening  in life which resulted in tension.
  • Retraction from drugs, alcohol,sedative etc.
  • Uncontrollable bodily symptoms like pain,fever, breathing problems etc.
  • A long term mental disorder.
  • obsession
  • Shift of hormones.

These are some of the causes of Insomnia controlling these symptoms will definitely lead to resolve insomnia.


Majority of the people notice Insomnia when it reaches its chronic stage.It is very very important to to know the remedial and psychological causes before deciding the  cure  for Insomnia. Once your cause is known it is important to handle and check  the problem.  In the case of chronic Insomnia it can be cured if treated correctly.

If some mental issues are causing Insomnia then may be a psychiatrist or psychologist can handle it. The treatment should be taken in order to control insomnia. There are also some recommended therapies for some primary insomnia disorders. Resent inquiry has told that cognitive therapy can be more effective than medication in controlling insomnia.In this therapy the patient are trained to  improved sleeping habits and are counseled to improve thoughts about sleep. Research had shown that both medical and non medical treatments has shown tremendous success in treating Insomnia.

“The information present is for General Propose, please consult  your doctor before taking any medication/therapy.”

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