Diet Tip: 6 things to avoid while dieting

While dieting there are certain things that you should avoid so as to keep your body healthy and in shape.There are times when you realize that you are following a strict dietary chart and still not loosing much weight.The reason may lies among 6 main evil factors that you should know.

The 6 things that can badly effect your dietary plans:

-Be the master of your food: Food should not hold the power to make you eat it.Always learn to say NO to food such as chocolates or similar food stuff.
-Dieting do not exist forever: Usually when people see that they are loosing weight they stop following regular dietary plan. Then again when they see gaining weight, they start following  it again. This process should not be done as it results in nothing but regaining all their weight and spoiling the whole process of dieting.

-Exercise regularly: Dieting cannot be accomplished without exercising. You cannot lose weight without exercising. The time when you stop dieting the chances of  regaining weight increases.Thus it becomes necessary to follow a good fitness routine.

-Not all fats are bad:Some fats are healthy and some are not.Seeds and nuts contains good amount of oil for health, so including it in your diet is a nice choice.The other thing that should be kept in mind not to stick to one kind of oil, and should keep changing the food oils.

-Avoid drinking too many calories: There is no surprise ti  know that juice and sport drinks consists of same amount of calories as in soft drinks.It is always better to eat the fruit rather then drinking it.Water is also necessary to keep your body hydrated, so you should drink lots of water everyday.

-Good food and Bad food: There is nothing like good food or bad food, the food is either salty, fatty, high in protein ,high in fiber and low in fat. Intake of food should be properly balanced and you should ensure that you are getting all the essential nutrients out of it.


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