Contact lenses needs proper care & attention : tips for infection free eyes

Applying contact lenses is not a easy task.They need proper care and attention.Suitable clean and healthy habits should be adopted for using contact lenses.

ThereĀ  are various ways through which lenses can be cleaned.Some people soak them in some kind of solutions while others uses different ways.Easily soaking them in boiled water is very effective or there are disposable lenses which are easily available and are efficient to.

Correct care and attention provides full assurance to your eyes.If proper cautions are taken you can make your eyes infection free and healthy.

How to handle contact lenses:taking care of eyes

  • When you store your lenses keep changing the solution,old solution becomes infectious after some time.

  • Do not clean the lenses in running water because that may contain bacteria or some kind of infections,keep in mind that water should be purely clean.
  • Always keep your lenses bag with you whenever you go out for a journey.

  • Avoid using lenses when you are under water it may create itching in eyes or can be contagious.
  • Keep your hands properly washed and cleaned before applying contact lenses.

Cleaning contact lenses becomes very easy when proper care is taken.You should be aware of proper techniques.If you make sure that your lenses are clean they will last longer and your eyes would be infectious free and healthy.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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