Discourage Aspirin for Diabetes in Early Stages

According to report published in Diabetic Care, diabetic men under the age of 50 and diabetic women under the age of 60 should refrain form taking Aspirin. The regular consumption of this drug may result into stomach bleeding, and  bleeding strokes.

Aspirin is the most prescribed medicine for people with heart disease, high blood pressure, dull pain, headache, diabetes in early stages (in lower doses).

There are no evidence that higher doses of aspirin beyond the range of 75-162 milligrams per day have any added value in preventing heart attacks, for which the drug is often prescribed for.

Further research is being conducted to find out that who will be best benefited with Aspirin.

Every medicine has its therapeutic uses but it also brings side effects along with it. We must learn to balance its uses and side effects by consulting our doctors and being updated with information.

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