Diseases directly affecting heart & prevention tips

since many years there are increase cases of heart problems in females. Moreover during heart attacks women do not feel any pain in their chest due to which attack is not recognized and treatment remain incomplete. Know what are the disease which effects your heart and some prevention tips.

Increasing heart diseases
Increasing heart diseases

Types of diseases effecting heart

Blockage in blood vessels- One of the very common problem now a days is the blockage in blood vessels due to which the risk of heart attacks and heart fails increases.

Rheumatic heart disease- The childhood rheumatic fever results in a type of heart disease in the later stage of life. Generally the problem of sore throat is not recognized in childhood if a child is suffering from rheumatic fever, this carelessness results in the contraction or leakage of heart’s valve. This disease is very common in females compared to males.

Lupus– It is an auto immune disease, which is common in females. Symptoms are- rashes in the face, pain and swelling  in joints. Moreover different body parts gets affected and it also effects heart adversely. This is a risky disease as the chances of heart attacks increases.

Thyroidal disorder– This is also a disease common mostly in females. Whether it is a hypothyroid or hyper thyroid both contains the complication related to heart. This deposits a fluid upon the heart which enables the heart to pump correctly or freely with results in abnormal heart beats. If you have any doubt regarding this problem, meet your cardiologist as soon as possible for the medication.


Diabetes- Whether the patient is male or female, diabetes is one of the reason for silent heart attack in patients. Moreover this disease don not show even a single symptom of heart attack.

Prevention tips;

Those women who are suffering from any of these diseases or any family member is affected should bring a little change in their lifestyle for better and healthy living.

  • Go for brisk walk for 30-40 minutes a day, fix a distance of at-least 4 km.
  • Control and maintain your weight. Take care of your body mass index, Over weight problems are one of the major reason of heart attacks.
  • Control the level of cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure.
  • Eat fresh green vegetables and fruits and avoid oily and junk food.
  • Try not to take dairy products more than 250 gm, drink cream-free milk.
Brisk walking
Brisk walking

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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