Fruits health benefits & summer fruits drinks

There are uncountable health benefits of fruits. They are helpful in curing many disease and are rich in nutrition level. Many fruits contains anti-inflammatory properties which can be used for natural home remedies for various diseases. Check out some health benefits of fruits and summer fruit drinks to fresh and healthy diet for you and your family.

Fresh fruits
Fresh fruits

 Health benefits of evergreen fruits

  • Carrot is a nutritious fruit, eating it raw or consuming its juice eliminates the problem of Insomnia. It is rich in vitamin A which is regarded beneficial for eyes.
  • Adding coconut oil to lemon juice give relief from itching.
  • Eating ripped berries reduces the  problem of Calculus.
  • Eating carrot is beneficial in tonsillitis and it beneficial for strong teeth.
  • Regular consumption of coconut when your stomach is empty helps in the problem of Hemorrhage.
  • Gargle with lemon water eliminates the bad smell of mouth and retains the feel of freshness.
  • Orange helps in reducing the problem of cold and cough.

Here are some easy to make summer fruit drinks which are full of health benefits. Try out these tasty drinks at home and enjoy the freshness in summers.

  • Pineapple blue crush
Pineapple fruit juice
Pineapple fruit juice

Ingredients–  50gm cherry, 2 cup milk, 1 table spoon sugar, 2 drops edible blue color and 1 cup pieces of ice.


  1. Mix cherry, milk and sugar in a grinder.
  2. Pour 2 drops of blue color on the serving glass.
  3. Pour crushed ice and after that slowly cast the shake into the glass.
  4. Serve with ice pieces.
  • Lemon ginger drink
Lemon ginger drink
Lemon ginger drink

Ingredients– 250 milligram soda water, 1 table spoon lemon water, 3 drops of edible blue color, 1 table spoon sugar syrup.


  1. Mix together ginger juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup, blue color and soda water.
  2. While serving pore some sugar pieces.
  3. Cut lemon in small size and decorate above the glass.

Lemon Fruit fact;

  • Lemon juice mixed in hot water helps in reducing fat.
  • Eating lemon enhances your mood.
  • Lemon is also beneficial in reducing mouth blisters.
  • Drinking lemon juice is capable of curing diabetes.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor for medication/therapy”



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