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Dumbbell Concentration Curl

Dumbbell Concentration Curl is one of the most important exercises which one ought to do while doing biceps workout.

The exercise is done to peak the outer bicep muscle. It is considered as one of the best exercise to finish up as it has got a great amount of caliber within it.

The exercise is named so because of the great amount of concentration required to do the exercise.

For best results the correct form of the exercise is very necessary.

Guide to Dumbbell Concentration Curls :

  1. Dumbbell Concentration Curl
    Dumbbell Concentration Curl. Picture Credits : Ex.Rx.net


    The first thing is to sit  down on the corner of a bench with a dumbbell in front.

  2. Now hold the dumbbell in right arm and spread the legs.
  3. For the arm holding the dumbbell i.e. the right arm , keep the upper back of the arm on the inner side of the right thigh.Rotate the arm a bit forward to face it on the front side.
  4. By just using your forearm curl the hand. Remember to keep the upper arm at the same position. Curl your hand to contract the muscle.
  5. Dumbbell should be raised till the shoulder.
  6. You could even use your left arm to support sometimes.
  7. Remember to breathe out while lifting the weight up and to breathe in while bringing it down.
  8. Do the same for the left arm.
  9. Number of reps may vary with the intensity of the exercise done.

Video Lesson to show How to do Dumbbell Concentration Curl

Always remember to take necessary precautions while Doing the exercise.

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