Food Items That Cause Headache : Prevention

Food Items That Cause Headache

Sometimes people get tired of taking medicines but still they could not get rid of the pain.

Well as per the research done  it has been proved that consumption of a particular kind of food may also be a reason for headache.

Headaches may even be triggered by some food products which we eat in our daily life.

Dietary changes may also be a reason to headache. People who have a hectic schedule are more prone to headaches due to the work load and even due to lack of proper diet.

Listed below are some food products which may be a reason for your headache:



  • Alcohol fastens the rate of blood flow from the body to the brain.
  • This is the reason why people feel to have a heavy head after drinking.

Caffeinated drinks:

Caffeine is in a crystalline form white colored  stimulant drug which is used in a certain number of beverages.

When Consumed it affects our nervous system and increases the level of alertness of a human mind.

The increased level of Caffeine causes headache.

  • Tea , coffee and other caffeinated drinks can also be a reason for headache.
  • Soda and other soft drinks may even trigger headache.

Cold & Stale food:

  •  Consumption of stale and cold food items may also be a reason for your headache.


  • Cheese is one of the main causes of headache.
  • Cheese contains Tyramine which is formed after the breakdown of protein.

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