Eating less is not equal to longer life span

It is a wrong perception that dieting increases the life span it is all in the mind that makes you feel in that way.The things which affects animals in a positive way is not always same in human beings to.Consuming less calories helps animals to conserve their energy and expenditure level which in turns increases their life span and and reduces the age related problems.

taking zero calories
eat less,live longer?

Observing such things on animals lots of people thought that this plan will be successful to enhance their health to,but is is totally wrong that being on a hunger strike will help you to increase your life span rather it will create lots of health diseases.

The animals concerned are rats ,dogs,fish and monkeys who save their energy through less eating.Even today many of the people rely up on the drugs which mimic the effects of calories restriction without opting for a actual diet plan.It is very important to know that till now it has not been proved that reducing calorie intake can be beneficial for the length of life in any way but then also their are lot of myths created by people about this matter.

There is no medicine as such “magical pill” which can solve the problem of longer living so how could the calories alone can do it? Believing every sort of things and start opting them is one of the greatest problem which many people goes through.Actually according to the researchersĀ  restricting calories only works when the enzymes remains active andĀ  is not at all working when the enzymes are inactive.

However restricting your calorie diet can be helpful in many other ways like keeping away the over weight problems,slows down the aging problems,helpful in reducing strokes,heart problems,blood pressure,cholesterol,improves sleep and many more.There is no need to stop consuming calories as some amount of calories are necessary for the body as zero calorie directly effects the metabolism rate.

There is no need to go in a starvation diet try to take a balance diet and proper amount of calories.There is no way of predicting the life span but many ways to make your life better and healthy.Healthy diet will definitely enhance the life period whereas opting for a hunger strike to live longer will shoe adverse effects on your health.

It looks good when you take low calorie or restricted diet or may be giving a satisfactory feeling but in actual it is not going to help you at all rather than degrading your health.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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