Breast Cancer cases shows rapid increase in Pakistan

A recent study has shown that breast cancer is in rise in Pakistan.About 40,000 women are affected by the deadly disease of breast cancer every year in Pakistan.The risk of breast cancer is about 39 percent more compared to all other cancers in the country.

A pink Ribbon Campaign has been started in Pakistan supported by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commision (PAEC) hospital. The members of the campaign h as  decided to mark the year of 2012 of Pakistan as “Pink ribbon youth year” .

The National coordinator of the campaign Omer Aftab says,breast cancer can be diagnosed and treated successfully if reported at an early stage.Hence,it is important that every women of the country should have a good knowledge of the disease so that she could take corrective measures at the right time.

He further says, the early detection of breast cancer increases the chances of better treatment and survival of the patient by 90 percent.Surprisingly, the rate of breast cancer is found to be higher in girls compared to older women.

The target to cover 25000 students from 15 colleges of Islamabad and 500000 youths from 500 institutions  are to be taught about the dangerous breast cancer in 2012.Postage stamps are also issued to spread the awareness about breast cancer.

Noor Amna Malik,the head of the HEC said that it has become very essential now to adopt some life saving strategies from the west  and introduce them in the country.Medical camps will be organised from Tuesday covering each University/Colleges as far as possible.

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