How to take care of your Eyes and have clear Vision

The most important gift that has been given to us by God is the eyes that give us a chance to view this beautiful world and everything by which we are surrounded.

So proper care must be taken to ensure the brightness and loveliness of eyes .


Tips to Cater your Eyes

  1. Take a healthy diet

You may have been scolded by your parents thousand times regarding your diet. It is really important to eat right! It is very important for a person to take healthy diet as it may hamper one’s growth and may lead to severe deficiency diseases. Having a healthy diet plan with loads of fruits and vegetables will seriously help improve our eyesight. Vitamins and minerals have always been  important need of our body, most importantly are Vitamin A, C, and E and they are all important to  our eye health too. If a person thinks that he is not getting the right kinds of nutrients, he can consider taking a supplement or multi-vitamin.

       2.    Take Breaks

Relax your eyes
Relax your eyes

It is being advised by doctors that one should take atleast 8 hours of sleep every day. But in this modern era it isn’t possible for a person to spent his most of the time in sleeping especially when he is in a race of earning money.

With the invent of technology and with the widespread use of computer’s, mostly people nowadays suffer from low eyesight. The thing they forget to take care of is their eye, that is most valuable and thus should be taken care of. So it is strictly recommended that a person who spends his lot of time in front of computer screen must relax his eyes by taking break of at least 10min after every 50 min. This can be done by simply closing  eyes for a minute or getting up and walking around focusing on something that doesn’t pressurize eyes more.

  1. Exercise Your Eyes

Just like our body needs exercise, our eyes need exercise too. Some simple exercises can be adopted that will help us maintain a good eyesight as well as help us avoid wearing spectacles. We may practice these exercises at any time of our ease be it a morning time ,before bedtime, or any time our eyes feel fatigued. But before practicing these exercises, care must be taken care of that our hands are clean and our mood is calm. Best results can be experienced by one that perform these exercises daily:

  • Warm up your eyes by rubbing your palms together and placing them against your eyes. Repeat this three times.
  • Rolling of eyes is also a good exercise. This can be done by slowly circling your eyeballs in clockwise and anticlockwise directions .
  • Focusing is also a kind of exercise. This can be implemented by holding a pen at arm’s length and  focusing eyes on it, and slowly getting the pen nearer until it’s about 5-6 inches away from nose and then slowly slowly moving it back, keeping eyes focused on the pen. This can be practiced several times.
  • Take a short nap by placing the head back and close your eyes and relax for at least 5 minutes

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