Fitness mistakes and solutions

Now a days people are very much aware about fitness but due to the lack of complete information they often do some mistakes which makes it impossible to achieve the fitness plan.

Fitness solutions
Fitness solutions

If you are not feeling perfectly fit even after regular exercising then you need to check your lifestyle, there can be some wrong habits which  are blocking your way to perfect fitness.

Fitness blunders & solutions

Improper sleep

According to a study it has been found that an individual must take 7-8 hours sleep on an average. Taking just 4-5 hours sleep is the reason for occasional naps that occurs during the whole day and this makes you tired at the time of your workout. If your are not getting enough sleep then metabolism process in the body slows down and it become difficult to loose weight in spite of regular workouts.

Avoiding dinner

Some people tend to escape dinner with the fear of gaining weight. This habit is detrimental for health. Body needs sufficient energy to exercise in the morning, but an empty stomach causes certain problems like acidity or stomach pain during jogging exercises.

Workout with T.V

Walking on the treadmill or lifting weights while you watch TV it not at all good for your health. It might hurt you or can grab all your attention on the TV rather than on workouts. It often loosen the grip of the treadmill handle and the body is not at all benefited from this type of techniques.

Wrong body positions
Wrong body positions

Avoiding warm ups

In order to save time some people escape warm-ups and straight away starts workouts. It is very harmful to health. Avoiding warm up can cause muscle pain and other harms to the body.


Some people wear basket ball shoes during treadmill exercises and walking shoes during aerobics. This not only causes foot pain but also negatively affects knee and back.

Boring fitness plan

If you do not diversify your fitness plan and do not make it interesting then your mind will get bored of it and in few days you will give up your hope. Try to keep on changing your workout schedules as well as exercises. You can alternatively change your exercises to jogging, aerobics and cardiovascular exercises including skipping.

“The information p resent here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/ therapy”

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