Pregnancy diet ; food that should be avoided

It is very important to take proper diet during pregnancy. Right diet is not only good for mother but also beneficial for the mental and physical development of infants since pregnancy period.


Pregnancy care
Pregnancy care

It is more important to know what not to eat in pregnancy rather than what to eat. Check out which vegetables and fruits should be avoided in pregnancy.

Fruits and vegetables not to eat during pregnancy


Avoid eating papaya during pregnancy. Consuming papaya increases the chance of early delivery. It is suggested to eat ripe papaya during the third and final stage of pregnancy. Ripe papaya is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, which helps in preventing constipation during pregnancy. If you wish to consume papaya then mix it with honey and milk.


Consuming pineapple during pregnancy can be harmful to women’s health. Bromelin is abundantly found in pineapple that can cause softening of cervix that can result in early deliveries. However, pineapple juice can be taken in small amounts to cure diarrhea. Do not take pineapple during the first quarter to avoid any kind of hysterectomy during pregnancy.


Doctors refuse to eat grapes during the last trimester of pregnancy. Continuously consuming grapes leads to premature delivery so try to avoid grapefruit during pregnancy.


Vegetable diet
Vegetable diet

It is very important advice for pregnant women not to eat any non-pasteurized or raw vegetable and fruits. Try to eat only those vegetables that are well washed and cleaned. Clean and washed food items prevent you from any infection during pregnancy.

Fruits and vegetables are considered an integral part of pregnancy diet. So eat healthy and keep few things in mind to prevent from pregnancy problems.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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