Food poisoning: Information and Prevention Tips

Food poisoning is a common infection, during humidity and rainy days the infectious bacterias becomes fatal and doubles the chances of food poisoning. Common symptoms are vomiting, stomachache or indigestion. check out some tips to prevent from food poisoning. 

Food Poisoning
Food Poisoning

In more serious situations food poisoning results in conditions like blood in stools, dehydration and it can even affect kidney, mind and muscles negatively. While dealing with food poisoning it should be kept in mind that proper amount of water is available to the patient. As soon as the symptoms of food poisoning are felt start drinking water as much as you can.

The problem of food poisoning increases mainly during rainy days, apart from that fast food or unhealthy food is also injurious to health. Those whose immune system or potential of disease resistance is week are easily affected by food poisoning. Pregnant women are attacked by a bacteria known as “Listeria” which causes food poisoning, it also infects the child in the womb. The place where this bacteria thrives is soft cheese, milk, uncleaned fruits or vegetables and meat.

Caution during cooking;

  • Keep the utensils clean and properly soaked.
  • Proper washing of fruits and vegetables is very important, wash your hands properly with hand-wash while
    Healthy cooking
    Healthy cooking

    working in the kitchen.

  • Use a hard, strong and smooth board for cutting vegetables, wash this board with a good detergent with warm water.
  • Sea food, poultry products, dairy items should be properly cooked and cleaned.
  • Always eat fresh and hot food, avoid staled food it can be cause of food poisoning.
  •  Try to eat that food which do not create problems like acidity.

Prevention from “FOOD POISONING”

  1. Check the freshness of food, it should not be staled.
  2. Avoid eating outside in rainy days, it increases the problem of food poisoning.
  3. Always check the expiry date of food products, make sure bread items do not contain any mold.
  4. Always buy sealed container food products.
  5. Make sure dairy products, fish, or eggs are fresh.
  6. Avoid eating from road side stalls.
  7. Do not eat non-veg food during rainy days.
  8. Store food products properly, try to place liquid and gravy food products in refrigerator.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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