Methods to remove nail-paints without using remover

You must have used nail paint removers for removing your nail-paints, It is a liquid cleaning agent which is present in almost every makeup kits of girls. Nail removers forms very important part in enhancing the beauty of the hands as it is the easiest way to remove old or unwanted colors of nail paints for applying the new ones.

How to remove nail paints
How to remove nail paints

How many times do you apply nail remover in a day? You should be knowing that this chemical liquid contains many many toxic ingredients which contains various health hazards, the main chemical used in removers is “ACETONE”¬†which is a dissolved element of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Health risk connected with excess using of removers- 

  • ¬†Headache from fumes of remover
  • Lungs congestion
  • Irritation in eyes
  • Nausea
  • Membrane irritation

You should reduce the use of excess removers as far as possible, now the problem is how to remove nail paints without using removers? Nothing to worry about, he we bring some easy and effective home techniques to remove nail-polish without even touching the removers.

Home remedy to remove nail-paints;

  • First Method-
Dip hands in water
Dip hands in water

Take a bowl of warm water (hot enough to be bearable) dip your fingers it in for at least 15 minutes. Once the old nail-paint loosens or softens up take you hands out. Now soak your hands with a dry towel and immediately use filer or emery board ( used to file nails) to lightly scratch the old nail paint.

  • Second Method-
Remove nail paint
Remove nail paint

You can also a dark coat nail paint to be applied above the old one. Upper coat will make the lower coat soft and it will become quit easy to remove by the nail-paint by using any cotton or a piece of any cloth. Make sure that you have to be fast in this method as you must remove the nail paint before the new one dries up.

  • Third Method-
Using deodrant
Using deodorant

This last method includes the use of any deodorant, body spray or hair spray. Use these items in place of removers, the method will be the same. Use any cotton pad or swap to gently rub and remove the nail paint. It takes less that a second in removing the nail paints. Apply any cream or skin lotion to massage your nails afterwards.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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