Food poisoning: Symptoms, Prevention and Home Remedies

Eating unhealthy food which contains germs or other toxic material can effect you in a negative way.This is the main reason behind food poisoning.Just taste doesn’t matter you have to look for health to.

Food obtained from animals,raw food,unwashed vegetables,stale food are some of the source from where you can be affected and can suffer from food poisoning.Many times we just ignore our health and go for the taste which could be very costly later.

There are more than 300 diseases that are transmitted through food.Various causes of food poisoning are not known because people suffer from light symptoms and recover quickly therefore they just ignore the fact that lack of proper prevention can be harmful in future.It is the duty of food handlers to take proper measures while preparing food.

Common symptoms of food poisoning are;

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • having stomach cramps
  • diarrhea
  • fever

If you feel any of these symptoms after eating some food item immediately inform your doctor and take proper medication.

Home remedies for food poisoning;

# Ask the patient to lay down on the bed and avoid giving anything to eat until vomiting or stomach ache stops.

# To stop the vomiting give hot drinks to the patient like tea or rice water.

# To prevent acid indigestion mix  lemon juice in hot water and give before meals.

# Mix some drops of garlic oil with soya oil and massage on the stomach.

# You can also drink papaya juice,this will help in reducing the stomach pain and vomiting problem.

Prevention tips;

# Wash your hands properly whenever handling any food item,keep the kitchen clean and maintain the hygiene.

# Do not forget to boil any non-veg item before cooking this will kill all the germs from it.

# Avoid using the already cooked oil for making the next dish because many harmful chemical reactions can make your food unhealthy.

# Always check the seal and expiry dates of the food stored in canes or packets.

# Do not keep perishable items like milk,curd,butter or breads more than one day.

# Always go for fresh and well cooked food which is full of health and is good for body growth.

# Avoid eating oily,grilled or fried food it can contain germs and bacteria which can be harmful for the health.

Prevention is better than cure and therefore prevent you health from the unhealthy food available in the market.Eat home made food items because they are fresh and provide great health benefits.Take care of yourself because “health is wealth”.

“The information present above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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