Low cholesterol increases heart risk; food rich in cholesterol

Cholesterol can be present in different forms in the body.Generally there are five groups of cholesterol found in the blood.It is a naturally occurring waxy fat in the body and contains the risk of developing various heart diseases.

One of the major health problem today is cholesterol.It can be in two forms either high or low.It is a paradox as in one way it contributes to many important body functions like new cells,insulating nerves and producing body hormones.While looking on the other side it is very harmful as it is linked with many cardiovascular diseases.

Having low cholesterol level gives rise to many heart problems even a brain injury or brain strokes can also effect you because of cholesterol problem.Low cholesterol can be a result of various things like genetic disorder,malnutrition,cancer or depression.It is a immediate and important need to check your cholesterol because it is important in building cells and keeping them healthy.

Food is one of the important and strong source of reducing cholesterol problems and many other diseases.Here is the list of food which is essential and powerful for people who have low cholesterol level.

Food that will help in boosting cholesterol level:

  • Alcohol

Taking a glass of any alcoholic beverages with your food helps in boosting cholesterol level in the body and reduces the risk of having cardiovascular diseases.However excessive drinking should be avoided.

  • Egg yolk

They contains the maximum amount of cholesterol than any other food item.One egg yolk gives 210 mg of cholesterol which is very beneficial to a cholesterol patient.

  • Butter

Butter is present every where like in cakes,cookies,bread or pastries.One table spoon of butter contains 30 grams or 10 % of cholesterol needed by the body.It can be a good source of cholesterol and can be put to use.

  • Almonds

Almonds contains a substance which prevent bad cholesterol from oxidizing,Ignorance of this can increase the risk of blood diseases.Try eating handful of almonds with your snacks.This will help in increasing the cholesterol level in the body.

  • Barley

Barley is a good substitute of rice and contains good cholesterol level.It can be added to soups,dried fruits,and salads.It can be even more beneficial to cholesterol patient.When consumed regularly it reduces the problem of low cholesterol.

  • ¬†Caviar

Caviar is a common bread spread mainly used in eastern and northern Europe is full of cholesterol.It contains good nutrition facts and is rich in high cholesterol.It is very effective for cholesterol patient and contains 196% of RDA.

  • Blueberries

It contains strong anti-oxides which helps in solving the problem of low cholesterol.You can add blueberries in your daily meal as they are very tasty also.Adding blueberries to a half cup of orange juice helps in increasing  the level of cholesterol.

There are the cholesterol rich foods which will not only add flavor to your food but also maintains a good level of cholesterol in your body.Checking and maintaining cholesterol is very important and essential for a good and healthy lifestyle.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy’



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