Foods that help breast growth in women

Many women do not feel comfortable with the size of their beasts.They like to have larger breast but without any artificial treatment such as cosmetic surgery or anything like that. There are many ways a women can promote the growth of their breasts naturally.Selecting the foods carefully and maintaining a proper exercise regime can help you to have healthier and larger breasts.

healthy food to increase breast size in women
Natural way to increase breast size in women

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on supplements ,pills or implant surgeries then it is  better you try a healthier way such as exercising and breast boosting natural foods.

Foods that helps breasts growth in women are:

1)Estrogen- Smaller breast are because of hormonal imbalances in women.If the women body produces male hormones(testosterone) more than it is likely to slow down the growth of breasts.In order to keep the testosterone at a balanced level it is necessary to reduce the carb intake and start getting more vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruits.

Female hormone estrogen is responsible for healthy growth of breasts.The girls in China who have flat chest are fed with chicken soup with chicken head which contains large amount of estrogen.Another natural way to increase the size of breast is fenugreek.Fenugreek has high percentage of estrogen which is healthy for female breasts.

Other food high in estrogen are soy products,dairy products,herbs and spices(Ginger,cloves,peppers, turmeric,ginger,and oregano), fruits such as apples.cherries,papaya,plums,pomegranate,tomatoes,dates and olives, whole grain such as brown rice,oats and barley.

2)Fruits and vegetables- Fruits and vegetables are beneficial for regulating the level of testosterone in the women’s body.It also enhances the overall health.Fruits and vegetables helps increasing the breasts size as they contain high percentage of fibre.

foods that help increasing breasts in women
Foods which aids in growth of breasts in women

3)Herbs- Herbs are used from centuries for increasing the size of breasts in women.Some herbs contain mastogenic effect which increases the estrogen level and thus beneficial for breasts growth and health.Herbs such as saw palmetto,fennel and wild yam.Fennel is very beneficial for milk growth in new mothers.Wild yam aids in breast enlargement,menopause and premenstrual syndrome.

4)Healthy fats- Fats aids in breasts enlargement.hence it is important to select the fats which are healthy for the body very wisely.The right kind and amount of fat tends to distribute equally in your body including the breasts.Unhealthy fats tend to rests in places such as your belly which becomes difficult to get rid off.The fats healthy for increasing the breast size are:

-Raw nuts

-Olive oil.

-Linseed oil

-Avocado oil.

-Sesame seeds and sesame seed oil.

There are some more methods for increasing the size of breasts such as breast enhancing massage, avoid junk food, avoid the intake of alcohol, carbonated drinks and caffeine,exercise well and drink plenty of water everyday.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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