H1N1 vaccination during pregnancy is risky

A recent research has shown that H1N1 vaccination during pregnancy can be risky for the infants in utero and can develop birth defects,restricts the growth of fetus and premature birth.In another study, researchers find increased risk in people with nervous system disorder after 4-8 weeks after the vaccination.

Pregnancy risk
Avoid H1N1 vaccination during pregnancy

During the first research Bjorn Pasternak, M.D and Ph.D of Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen and his team members examined whether the exposure to the H1N1 vaccination during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth, birth defects or  fetus growth restriction.

According to the report of 2009 H1N1 epidemic states that the virus put the pregnant women at an increase risk of death, poor pregnancy consequences and serious illness.The researchers said that women who are pregnant are mainly vaccinated against the deadly influenza.Approximately 2.4 million women are given the  vaccination during the pregnancy in the United States.

The researchers noted that the infants whose mothers ere given the H1N1 vaccination i.e the adjuvanted influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 showed very poor growth outcomes compared to the mothers who were not subjected to vaccine.

In two groups of 330 infants each researchers found that about 4.5 percent of infants from first group were effected by birth defects and premature birth, who were not vaccinated compared to 5.5 percent of infants from second group who were given the H1N1 vaccination.

In a conclusion the researchers found no importance associated with exposure to the H1N1 vaccination and the increased risk of serious birth defects, premature birth and healthy growth restrictions.The study is published in July issue of JAMA.

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