Foods which prevent prostrate cancer

Your doctor probably has given you a list of drugs for the cure of prostrate cancer, but the hidden fact is that natural remedies  can be more effective in preventing these types of disorders inside the body.Consumption of  good quantity of broccoli and tomatoes in combination can beat prostrate cancer.

A new research has found that a red pigment found in tomatoes called Lycopene is the main source which helps preventing the prostrate cancer.Research has shown that tomato rich diet lowers the risk of developing not only the prostrate cancer but also other types of cancer such as breast cancer, leukemia, etc.

Only drugs cannot help you fighting for the chronic disease like prostrate cancer, but the natural plants,foods and herbs can be very helpful in lowering the cholesterol and blood sugar in diabetics.

Consumption of natural foods like tomato may not be the treatment for the cancer,but it can surely prevent prostrate cancer development in the body, says Richard van Breemen who led the study from the University of Illinois.

The study was published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.


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