Nail care tips; give a perfect picture to nails

Any work related to your beauty and care is not less than art.If you are having any artistic skills it can help in making yourself even more beautiful when it comes to a good makeover.

Many people think that applying nail paints is not a tough task and they don’t even care about the clean habits which are necessary to adopt at times.There are some important things which should be kept in mind while applying nail-polish for making your nails more pretty.

Try applying those nail-paints which enhance the beauty of your nails rather than making them ugly.According to the experts the usage of nail paints and nail-removers must be up- to 1 to 2 times a week.Excess usageĀ  of these things makes your nails dry and weak.While selecting a nail remover keep in mind that it must contain moisturizer in it.Here are some useful tips which will help you to take proper care of your nails and maintain their natural beauty.

Healthy tips for applying nail-paints;

  1. Go for a hand massage once a week,it will help in increasing the blood circulation and enables healthy growth to your nails.Long and healthy nails gives a perfect picture to nail-paints.
  2. For keeping your nail-paints long lasting and beautiful dip your hands in ice cold water for 30 seconds after the paint gets dried.
  3. You can remove the old polish from your nails and can apply the new one rather than giving them a touch up,this not only keeps your nails smooth but also gives them a beautiful look.
  4. For giving your nails a fashionable look apply solid colored nail-paints and when it gets dried with the help of a toothpick you can also make attractive designs on your nails.

Take proper care of your nails as healthy nails add beauty to your personality.Selecting good and attractive colors for your nails makes them healthy and retains their beauty.

“The information present above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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