Fruit juices as healthy as eating whole friuts

Researchers have predicted that drinking 100 percent fruit juices is as beneficial for health as eating fruit as a whole.

Intake of 100 percent fruit juices showed a very positive effect and reduces risks for various chronic diseases.The author of the review Dianne Hyson says “While it is universally accepted that fruit and vegetable intake is protective, there is not a clear consensus about the benefits of consuming the juice that are extracted from them.”

Consumption of fruit juicesĀ  such as apple,citrus cranberry, grape, and pomegranateĀ  showed good beneficial effects.Health improvement is remarkably seen in cases of urinary tract infections, reduce risk of prostrate cancer,respiratory and digestive cancers.

Fruit juices also increases the antioxidant activity in body.The research was shown in a literature review at 2011 Experimental Biology meeting.

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