Health Tip: Four apples a day keeps cholestrol away

A new study and research has shown that apples  has the potential to improve cholesterol levels and lose weight.

Researchers have examined that women who ate 75gm of dried apple a day for continuous six months shows a remarkable decrease in the level of LDL cholesterol by almost a quarter, which generally causes clogging of arteries by almost a quarter.

Other compound levels, which are responsible for heart disease and strokes also decreases.Simultaneously,amount of HDL cholesterol which hardens the blood vessels, rose by 4 percent.

Apple consists of some specific antioxidant that results in lowering of heart diseases as well as suppresses appetites contributing to the slimming of the body.

Best results can be obtained by eating four or five apples a day  on regular basis. Researcher of Florida State University ,Dr. Bahram Arjmandi says  that he never expected that an apple consumption reduces  a bad cholesterol to this extent, the results were incredible.

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