Green tea is boon to human health; various health benefits

The key to long and healthy life can be just drinking a cup of green tea daily.Green tea contains various health benefits and speeds up the process of burning calories.

Green tea is said to be as one of the best beverages which helps in the treatment of cancer,heart problem,diabetics and many other health problems.Green tea contains many unique ingredients and is free from any added sugar or any form of sweeteners.

The plant of green tea is called Camellia Sinensis and is rich in many useful chemicals.It has many anti-oxidant properties which makes it a complete drink.Green tea is very effective in burning high amount of calories which helps in removing huge amount of fats.

According to the researchers drinking at least one cup of green tea a day can boost up the metabolism rate up-to 10-15 percent.It has three main varieties named green,black and oolong. It is very effective in loosing extra pounds and can make your body more strong.

Health benefits of green tea-

  1. Helps in curing cancer-According to the studies green tea has a potential to fight cancer problems in the body.It is a very powerful anti-oxidants and prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body.It is also effective in curing other forms of cancer like breast cancer,lung cancer and prostate cancer.
  2. Weight reduction-Green tea helps in burning calories which reduces weight and helps you to fight against obesity.
  3. Tooth care-Green tea reduces the bacteria in the mouth and cure various dental problems.It is also fruitful in preventing bad breathe.
  4. Diabetics-Green tea  is said to be very beneficial in curing diabetics.It keeps the level of blood sugar stabilized and regulates the level of glucose in the body.
  5. Boost the immune system– It is known as the immune booster for the body.The chemical present in the green tea helps in reducing cold,flu and many health problems.

Green tea also solves the aging problem in the body and contains many fruitful results when it comes to health benefits.Green tea is one of the major drink which is known as the boon to human life.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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