Hair combing tips for shiny & stylish looks

How many times you comb your hair in a day? Excess using of comb can be harmful to hair, just combing 2-3 times would be enough for giving extra shine to hair.Taking care of hair is not as easy as it seems take a look here to understand your hairs in a better way.

hair fall treatment
hair combing tips

It is very important to understand that how many times should hair be combed and what are the things to be keep in mind while dealing with hairs.Just remember that wet hair are very weak and get broken easily so avoid using comb at that time instead of comb use your fingertips to set your hair it will definitely help in making the hairs healthy.

Healthy scalp;

Now a days there are hairbrushes available which are made up of fiber or cheap plastic material.According to the experts teenage girls prefer hair brushes than combs because they are in myth that brushes are more suitable whereas it is a totally wrong perception.Applying hairbrush gives lot of stress to hair,it makes your hair more unmanageable with the result they start falling.On the opposite side comb helps in managing hair properly and without creating pain.

Tip-After using comb to the hair use hair brush it will give a good massage to the scalp and make them strong.Once there is a good amount of blood circulation in the scalp it will reduce dandruff problems also.

Hair brush basics;

According to the experts there is a myth that it is necessary to brush hairs 100 times before going to sleep.Combing hairs more that needed makes them weak and damaged, it also creates split-ends. Keep your hair well conditioned as it will make them soft and smooth.Choose your brush according to the length and quality of your hair.Round hair brushes are well suited for curly hairs.Flat hair brushes are good for long hairs.Padle hair brushes are for straight hairs.So there are some important things to be kept in mind while choosing appropriate brushes for hairs.“First think and then buy”

Comb quality;

Comb is one of the styling tool which gives a proper style to the hair.Almost all the combs are same but always go for those which are 6 or 8 inch long and made up of smooth and hard plastic material.While buying comb keep in mind the quality of your hair.Medium size combs are basically suggested for all hair types.Choose the best comb for yourself as wrong choice can make your hairs dry.

Tips for combing hairs-

  1. Combing hair 3 times a day keeps your mood fresh and enhance hair growth.
  2. Always comb your hairs slowly and softly as harshness creates hair falling.Hair should be managed properly and efficiently.
  3. Constant combing of hair makes them week and negatively effects the roots of the hair.2-3 times combing a day is enough.
  4. Round brushes are available in big sizes to but go for small sizes as they are very handy and easy to use.These brushes are of metallic and ceramic base cover which helps in the set up of small hairs also.

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