Drinking tea cuts down diabetes and heart-attacks

Tea is one of the most beneficial ingredient for health.It is full of  poly-phenols chemicals which are essential anti-oxidants that improves metabolism and its anti-cancer properties helps in getting rid of cancer problems to. 

According to the latest research it is found that apart from having various health benefits tea is successful in cutting down diabetes to.Consuming three cups of tea per day can solve the problems related to diabetes and reduces heart-attacks.For this purpose specially green tea and oolong tea are suggested.

Drinking tea helps in the reduction of glucose level from the blood and decreases the unwanted cholesterol from the body.Tea drinkers always enjoy controlled blood pressure levels and reduces 60%  diabetes problems.The anti-oxidants present in  tea  prevents you from aging and is beneficial in controlling cardiovascular diseases.This drink also contains less amount of caffeine than coffee therefore it also eliminates the problem of indigestion,headaches or sleep disorders.

Tea also strengthens the immune system to fight diseases easily.Apart from all these benefits most importantly tea is calorie free which means it will not at all increase your waistline and will keep your fit and healthy.More researches are going on to find out various health benefits of different varieties of tea as the greatest achievement is the controlling of diabetes and heart related problems by the help of tea.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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