Have a healthy Christmas

Its festivities all around  as Christmas and New Year are round the corner. It is of-coarse a period of relaxation from work and attending lots and lots of parties but make sure you choose the best for your health. Go for low cholesterol and almost fat free food. It may be tempting or attract you but just be determined about your fitness.

Healthy Christmas
Healthy Christmas

According to various health experts, people should carefully examine their food before eating on this Christmas. The British Heart Foundation says that people frequently eat the same of half a set of fat in saturated lards and more than 50 packets of crisps worth of salt during the celebratory period.

The researchers carried out a study concerning more than 2,000 public and found that a distinctive breakfast during Christmas comprises over 1,500 calories whereas a bacon sandwich with brown sauce may equivalent to half of an adult’s daily-advised limit of salt.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Above 80 percent of the contestants also confessed that they eat a full Christmas turkey in dinner, which may amount to an extra 660 calories, while some of them will be following it up with Christmas pudding, and 25 percent admitted that they would be consuming it with cream.

Celebrating Christmas does not mean you forget about your health as when there is family get-together and celebrations it is possible that you may consume much more than advised. Its not that you should not have enjoyment during the festivities but little care must be taken of your health and eating habits. As at the end of the day its all about your healthy heart and perfect waistline.

Merry Christmas!

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