Health Tip: Healthy food tips for monsoon

Monsoons gives a great relief from the scorching heat of summers but is also accompanied by lots of diseases.Food selection during monsoons can keep you away from falling sick and enjoy the monsoons freely.

Food poisoning and gastroenteritis are some of the most common diseases during monsoons.So better to avoid foods such as pasta, soups, and other such foods which are meant t o be good host for the growth of bacteria.Ice creams must be consumed when completely frozen as melted ice cream when refrozen can cause food poisoning.

Also avoid eating raw foods, instead go for stir fried vegetables because it is difficult to know whether raw foods are properly washed, cleaned or stored.

Chutney’s and sauces should also be avoided as they¬† too are stored at room temperature and consists of many microorganisms. Other foods like milk products specially sweets also not be consumed in case shop does not display them.

Excellent  road side temptations like pani puri and bhel puri are not prepared hygienically and thus can cause stomach aches.So it would be better to control yourself till the end of the season so as to keep yourself healthy and fit and to enjoy the monsoons to the fullest.

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