Hair Loss Treatment: Healthy Diet for Healthy and Strong Hair

“When we talk about Healthy hair, its not just what you are applying on your hair its about what is going inside your body too”

So the first and foremost  step to get healthy hair is to check your diet, for this nutrients are the essence of healthy diet.Mostly you genes are responsible for your hair color,and its quality. Apart from diet a regular hair cutting and cleaning will make them haelthy.Nutrients are the foundation of all your new hair,skin and nail growth.A healthy diet help you to grow strong and healthier cells inside and outside the body.

Healthy diet for healthy hair

  • Water is one of the most essential element for your diet it keeps hair shiny and silky. You should drink 8 glasses of water a day and can increase the number once you get use to it.
  • You should eat rainbow of fruits and vegetables it fills your mineral and vitamin requirements.
  • Iron reach foods are  most important to body because lack of Iron can cause a dramatic hair loss.So don’t forget to eat Iron-reach foods.
  • Products like meat,eggs,fish and dairy products are rich in Proteins, they help to build cells and nourishes hair a lot.
  • Legumes like Kidney Beans and lentils should be a important part of your health diet they provide plentiful proteins to grow hair healthy.

Some safety tips for hair care

  1. Avoid using any kind of machines to your hairs like straightening machine, dryer etc. These products make your hair dry and soon you will be loosing plenty of hair.
  2. Don’t believe in any kind of adds or free samples to get healthy hair as they can cause a damage to you hair.
  3. Just shampoos or conditioners won’t help you to get good hairs you must check your diet.
  4. Stay far away from stress as  taking stress is one of the common cause of hair loss
  5. Don’t comb your hairs immediately after a hair wash as wet hairs are week and can break easily.

If you strictly follow all these points you will definitely get healthy hairs all you have to do is to take care of your precious hair. Mind you that your hairs grow only 1cm a month so you should have little patience for the results.

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  1. My hair fall is big problem plz solve it . How to avoid food . & how to eat & use oil and vitamins capsules & oil

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