Healthy Heart Tip: Keep Your Heart Healthy

In today’s fast paced life and one’s lack of time for oneself the stress level escalates and often leads to various disorders and Heart Ailments. So, on world heart day, here are some tips which may help you keeping you keeping your heart healthy.

Heart has A lot to saykeep heart healthy live happy

  • First thing first, if you are a smoker, leave it if you can’t, reduce the amount and limit it. If you have left it, never start it again.
  • Pay a good attention to your diet. Include vegetables and fruits, fresh obviously, in your daily meal.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Don’t eat too much spicy food and don’t take too much of salt.
  • If you are an alcoholic, either quit it or reduce the consumption.
  • 30 minutes of daily exercise will definitely help.
  • Get your blood, BP, sugar level checked once in every three months.
  • If possible practice meditation and yoga.
  • A good laughter can really do wonders. It makes you feel light hearted.

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