Healthy Food: Diet Plan For Summer

Summer season is arrived & in this season its very important to set a diet plan to remain healthy. In summer season the heat of sun make us feel tired. Here are some tips for remain healthy in summer.

Diet Plan For Summer:

  • To keep your body cool in summer season, drink water as much as you can.

  • Do not eat fried food or try to eat less. It will decrease your fat.

  • Drink lemon juice, buttermilk both are very beneficial for re-hydration in summer season.

  • In summer season try to eat fresh vegetables & fruits.

  • Avoid carbonated drinks in summer season.

  • Do proper exercise regularly to loose the unwanted weight.


  • Eat Tomatoes, Roasted peppers, Berries, Yogurt,Beans, Mango these all are rich in nutrition & have low calorie.

  • Do not take hot, salty & spicy food in summer, try to take light diet.


  • Do not drink chilled water because it slightly constrict blood vessels.


“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy

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